About Us

We at Saqar uniforms brings out the best quality and cost effective products. We provide corporate uniforms, school uniforms, hospitality uniforms, aviation uniforms, gift items, trophies.

We use multiple supply sources, thus we can offer a wide range of clothing products. If your company need any kind of uniforms, Saqar uniforms is ready to exceed your expectations.

Why our product is the best

In every project we believe that every design created for you should embrace the culture of your brand, functional and easy to move, accomplish the desired fitting requirements, effortlessly merge with interior and reflect the corporate identity.

Best Quality

We bring you the best quality products

Cost Effective

Our Products are always cost effective

Skilled Workers

Our set of skilled workers ensure that your products are made with outmost care and quality.

Cutting Masters

Our cutting Masters are highly experienced and the best in their field

Stylish and Comforatbale

We supply uniforms which are Comfortable, Stylish and elegant to wear

Long Lasting

Because of the highest manufacturing quality our products are always built to last longer

Some of Our Awesome Products

We offer a wide range of products including clothing, accessories

Office Uniforms, Suiting, Corporate Clothing and much more

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Hospitality and Catering

Aprons, Chef Wear, Bar Wear, Waist Coats

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School and University

Shirts, Skirts, Frocks, Lab Coat, School Bags

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Health and Beauty

Medical Tunics, Nurse Uniforms, Maternity Uniforms

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Sports Wear

Jerseys, Track Suits, Jog Pants, Sports Shoes

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Pilot Uniforms, Air Hostess Uniforms

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Safety Products

Safety Shoes, Helmets, Gloves, Rain Coats

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Pens, Mugs, Bags, Keychains, Pendrives

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Trophies, Medals, Shields, Plaques

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Work with us

You can contact us with anything related to our Products. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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